PC Services

  • PC Setup & connection services. Just brought home a new PC? Have you just purchased a brand new PC and now don’t know where that blue wire goes? We have setup and connections services designed just for you.
  • File transfer. So you have a new computer and have it all set up. Did you forget something? What about all your pictures, music, and files? How about those e-mail messages and Internet favorites you had saved on the old machine? Do you know how to effectively transfer all these files to your new computer?
  • Maintenance programs. Not one who performs regular maintenance on your home or business computers? Did you know that, just like with your car, one of the main ingredients in keeping your PC running smoothly is performing regular maintenance on it?. Let InTAC Solutions “tune-up” your PC on a regular basis, so major problems are less likely to occur.
  • PC repairs and upgrades. We can replace that faulty or outdated PC component for you.